Local Lawyers. Hometown Service.

At Garmon & Ramsey, PLLC, we don’t have million-dollar advertising budgets. We don’t have expensive television commercials. We let our results speak for us. When you call our phone number, you’ll talk to our staff, not some switchboard operator. When you come in our office, you’ll see one of us. We can do the same work as the television lawyers, but with personal service. We know our clients by name, and they know us.


We’re happy to provide hometown service to our clients, because that’s how it should be. Each client is important and should be treated that way. That’s why you’ll be treated as an individual, not a number, at our office.


Each case is different. Some of our clients have been injured in a fall or some other incident requiring medical treatment. Some have lost a family member due to a careless driver being on the road. Some are facing criminal charges and are worried about their freedom. Others are going through a divorce and trying to restart their lives. Whatever your situation may be, let us be in your corner.