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Kentucky Wrongful Death Attorneys


Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, especially when it was preventable. If you have lost someone due to someone else's carelessness, the caring team at Garmon & Ramsey can help. Our team has helped countless families get the justice they deserve. You only have a short time to pursue a wrongful death claim. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Wrongful Death Damages

Medical Bills

In many wrongful death cases, the deceased has incurred medical expenses before passing away. We can recover money to ensure those medical expenses are covered and do not leave those left behind with an unnecessary burden.

Pain and Suffering

If your loved one suffered in their final moments due to someone else's negligence, our team can recover money for this conscious pain and suffering. Our experienced team can navigate this process to ensure that you get justice for someone you love.

Lost Wages

Often, families are left with financial insecurity and uncertainty after the loss of a loved one. Recovering money to replace lost income from the death of a family member can help ease the burden on those left behind. We will work to recover every penny.

Funeral Costs

Funeral costs are constantly on the rise. In many instances, these costs are thousands of dollars. Our experienced attorneys can help you recover these expenses from the negligent party to ease the financial impact felt by the family.

Loss of Consortium

In some situations, loss of consortium damages help repay those left behind for the loss of companionship with a spouse, parent, or child. Our caring team will work tirelessly to recover for those left behind after the loss of a loved one.

Loss of Services

Wages aren't the only economic loss suffered by families in wrongful death cases. Who will mow the yard or clean the gutters? Our attorneys know that providing for a family goes beyond just wages. Let us go to work for you to get you everything you deserve.

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